Comfort Food

The Very Best Comfort Food by Francisco Cortes Nesconset

Comfort food is a must and can be indulged in by anyone. There is nothing like a tub of ice cream that can soothe your emotions completely. However, there are many delicious comfort food options even if you are on a diet. Francisco Cortes Nesconset has brought the best options to make you healthy as well as keep your feelings satiated.

Fried Chicken

Now, fried chicken is not high up in the health conscious diet chart. However, many people, especially fitness freaks indulge in it once in a while as it provides adequate proteins. Additionally, if the oil used is olive oil, then you might just come out with a healthy comfort food option as per Francisco Cortes Nesconset.

There are many ways to make fried chicken. You can make it the regular style or you can braise it. Some people prefer marinating theirs in lemon juice with ginger paste. Francisco Cortes Nesconset personally favors Southern Pan fried Chicken as it has a side of green beans and white sauce. You can even spice things up with Thai Fried Chicken or Trini Chinese Chicken.

Stews and Soups

Imagine if it’s cold and raining. You come back home and there is a big pot of stew simmering on the cook top. There can be nothing more comforting than that. Soups and stews have always been a personal favorite of Francisco Cortes Nesconset when it comes to comforting food options. However, many people usually satiate with a take-out or cup version. The best soups or stews are the one made at home.

You can try the Chicken and Sausage gumbo if you want something easy. If you want something flavorful as per Francisco Cortes Nesconset, then you cannot miss Herbed White bean and Sausage Stew. Another favorite is Beef Barley Soup with Lemon. This is the healthiest soup you can have as it combines proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates just right. It tastes good as well. There are many vegetarian options as well such as Spicy Peanut Stew with Tomato, Chili with Summer Vegetables, Wild Mushroom Stew and Kale Soup with Potatoes among others.

Macaroni and Cheese

Nothing can be more comforting or easy to cook than mac and cheese as per Francisco Cortes Nesconset. You can easily create new versions by adding some of this and some of that. However, if you are not truly adventurous then you might want to stick to the basic recipes such as adding lobster, whole grains, butter nut etc. You can even bake your mac and cheese or try a vegan option as per Francisco Cortes Nesconset.