Breakfast Meals

Nothing is More Important than Breakfast as per Francisco Cortes Nesconset

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and unfortunately we are too busy to eat it. However, here are some of the easiest breakfast meal options that you can indulge in at a moment’s notice. Francisco Cortes Nesconset believes that you cannot miss out on these options to make your day complete and keep you pumped with energy.


Francisco Cortes Nesconset believes smoothies to be the best breakfast option if you are truly in a hurry. All you need is a blender and some of your favorite food items such as fruits and vegetables. If you are not lactose intolerant then you can try milk and yoghurt in the blend as well. No smoothie lives up to its name as per Francisco Cortes Nesconset if you do not enjoy drinking it.

By mixing Quinoa in your usual smoothie you can ensure healthy proteins and fiber in your diet. Blueberries are a natural choice for making smoothies. However, you can also try citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruits. Date smoothie with brown rice in Almond Milk can give you energy till late evening snack as can a simple strawberry, millet and banana smoothie.


No breakfast recipe collection is complete without oats. These unassuming grains keep you satiated and provide enough dietary fibers and proteins to keep you healthy and always on the go. Usually people as per Francisco Cortes Nesconset tend to eat their oats bland with milk or mixed in a Granola mixture. However, there are many exciting ways you can have steel cut oats or rolled oats.

You can make a yummy pudding with blueberry and coconut and refrigerate it the night before. Francisco Cortes Nesconset also vouches for raspberry swirls with oatmeal. If you are not into sweet options then you can try adding yogurt and greens to your side of savory oatmeal. You could also skip the sweet part and add nuts to your oatmeal with plain soy milk to make a power packed breakfast option.

Scrambled Eggs

As per Francisco Cortes Nesconset these are the best ways to eat your eggs. They do not need the expertise of making a frittata or omelet and are equally delicious. By frying the eggs in a spot of oil you also ensure that you get your daily requirement of fat.

Scrambled eggs do not have to be boring and same every morning as per Francisco Cortes Nesconset. You can soft scramble them with fresh Ricotta or add mushrooms to the mix. You can even add your favorite vegetables while scrambling the eggs as per Francisco Cortes Nesconset. To make it even healthier you can opt for poached scrambled or with chicken liver.