Easter recipes

With Easter around the corner everybody is crazy about the rabbit. We at Francisco Cortes find it sad that you have to buy Easter treats from your local bakery when you can make even more delectable treats right here at home. From yummy chocolate rabbits to hot cross buns, Francisco Cortes NY recipes are sure to get you praise from both friends and family.

True Vegan recipes

Veganism is not just your diet; it is a way of life. There are a number of reasons why you have decided to go the Vegan way. It could be your desire to lead a healthy lifestyle or your immense compassion for animals. Francisco Cortes USA makes your struggle that much easier with yummy vegan treats and meal options no matter your reason. These are easy to cook and most can be stored in your fridge for weeks. We also have a special section dedicated to pre-meal preparation so that you never have to run out of a vegan option.

Pure Sauces

In the American way of cooking nothing is complete without an addition of special sauce. May it be baked potatoes of thanksgiving turkey; Francisco Cortes brings to you the best accompaniment recipes on the internet. We even have a special segment for out of country condiments such as salsa and sauces from other parts of the world to add a special zing to your home cooked meal. At Francisco Cortes NJ, we applaud your dedication to cooking a meal at home in this era of fast food. And we will do anything we can by way of a good sauce recipe to help you make your meal the best ever.

Nothing without desserts

As the ancients said that a sweet mind is always a happy mind. Francisco Cortes USA has among the best bakery and patisserie recipes to fill your palate with wonder. From pastries to yummy sorbets at home, you can turn your kitchen into a heavenly paradise for your family. Everything from easy cookie recipes to complex macaroons made easy, we have your back at Francisco Cortes.

Francisco Cortes NJ has been assisting many at home chefs deliver delectable meals to their families and friends. We can help you turn your kitchen into a foodie’s paradise. If you are up for cooking then we at Francisco Cortes USA can make your food it easier and yummier.