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Easter Recipe

Francisco Cortes USA has brought to you one of the best, easiest and […]

Vegan Recipe

Are you a vegan who is tired of chomping on raw carrot sticks? […]


No meal is complete without a little sweet at the end. The dessert […]


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Francisco Cortes NJ has brought to you a series of recipes which are easy to prepare and store. If you are a food lover then we are the right place for you. Our USP is in giving simplified recipes with not many ingredients. We also categorize them easy to understand segment so that you can find whatever you want to eat.  Francisco Cortes NYC always keeps updated recipes on its database. Whatever the occasion we are sure to have something delectable for you.

If you have not tried a recipe by Francisco Cortes yet then it is time you put on the cooking apron. Here is what you can choose from.